Saturday, April 18, 2015

What's in a name?

I made the management decision today that I'm going to re-brand the app and move it to a different category in the Play Store and it will be in a less crowded field. It is more than just re-branding. It is really a re-focusing what the app is.

I basically made two apps in one. The first app was a list/to-do app. You can create lists and share them with others. There is a web site that allows you to create lists on the site and they appear on your phone. There are a zillion list/to-do apps in the Play Store and some are extremely popular and pre-date Android.

The second part of my app I won't reveal just yet, but it was supposed to sort of set mine apart from the others. What I should have done is focused on that app as the main program and the lists would have been just a bonus. I actually spent more time on this second aspect of the app because the list app was pretty straight forward. Nothing too challenging.

So I changed the main interface to focus on the second aspect of the app. I also made several cosmetic changes so it really does look different than the original app. I've changed the name and gave it a new icon.

Can't say when I will release it. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe in a week. There is still work to do, I'm just not sure how much at this point.

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